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The price of the Deluge is being raised by $100 in 2021

From Feb 1, 2021, we will be raising the price of the Deluge to $999 USD.

Since the Deluge first started shipping to customers in March 2017, we have added and made available to all users, at no additional cost, a epic array of new software features (listed below). And we’re not finished yet!

To reflect that the Deluge is a vastly superior tool now than when first launched, from Feb 1, 2021 the price of the Deluge will be increased to $999 USD + shipping.

Deluge users can expect more exciting development, refinement and features long into the future. A handful of the features already revealed in development include Wavetable Synthesis, MIDI mapping and MPE support – just a small taster of what’s to come.

We’ve decided to give three months notice of the impending price increase so you can get your Deluge now at the current bargain price, join our community and enjoy future development along with all our existing users.

Place your order by midnight on Jan 31st, 2021 (US ET) to lock in the current price.

Online orders only

Express shipping 3-4 business days anywhere in the world. 

From Deluge firmware 1.0 to 3.1

  • Live processing of the audio input including polyphonic pitch-shifting, filters, and all FX
  • Arranger view, to work with audio clips similarly to a DAW
  • CC control and sequencing on all 16 MIDI channels
  • Parameter automation recording
  • New ‘drive’, analog-modeled filter
  • Probability and iteration based step / note conditions
  • Undo / redo note and parameter automation editing and recording. 
  • Horizontal pattern and individual note shift
  • MIDI program change and bank select
  • Stream all samples directly from SD card, without limitations, based on RAM size
  • Multisampling. Fast folder import with automatic pitch detection.
  • High quality 16-point windowed sinc interpolation now used for sample pitch adjustment
  • Waveform view on main pads, with scrolling, zooming, and loop point editing
  • Resampling
  • Slicer feature for cutting a sample into evenly sized slices
  • Live looping of audio and instrument / MIDI clips, including easy overdubbing / layering
  • Audio clip live looping includes option to record additional audio “margins” either side of loop (from before you even pressed record), to allow a brief crossfade to eliminate click at loop point
  • Legato 
  • Arpeggiator ‘random’ mode
  • Input monitoring
  • Clear current clip
  • Set quantise level
  • MIDI CC, pitch bend, and channel aftertouch recording, sequencing and output
  • Envelopes may now have modulation sources patched to them
  • When scrolling horizontally, your horizontal position is displayed numerically
  • Skip to higher song numbers more easily
  • MIDI aftertouch (from external MIDI controllers) may be used as a modulation source
  • Arpeggiator for MIDI and CV clips
  • Copy / paste current clip
  • Copy / paste automation
  • Solo clip
  • Multiple clips may send to the same MIDI output channel
  • File browser scrolls long filenames left and right
  • 30x more RAM available for working on a song
  • 60% more sample voices may play at once.
  • Effect tails may now be heard even after a track finishes playing
  • MIDI note outputs within kits
  • Default velocity may be set and entry defaults to that of last touched note (per clip)
  • AIFF file support, and WAV file support extended to include 8-bit files
  • Sample loop point support – UI, and import from tagged files
  • Automatic pitch detection and transposing of all samples loaded into “synth” instruments, including single-cycle waveforms
  • Import a whole folder of samples as a kit
  • Greatly reduced jitter on MIDI, gate, and trigger-clock output, regardless of CPU load
  • Collect media tool – copies all song’s samples to a folder for export
  • For certain sample params (POLYPHONY, MODE, REVERSE, SPEED, PITCH/SPEED), can now apply change to whole kit by holding affect-entire button
  • Settable defaults and randomness for tempo, swing, key and scale
  • Sidechain and pitch are now adjustable at the “kit” level, using “affect-entire”
  • Auto-extending of clip length during note recording
  • Recording count-in
  • Recording audio or MIDI directly into arrangement tracks
  • Audio thru
  • Added two analog-modeled waveforms to the synth engine
  • Alphanumeric keyboard, allowing text-based names of presets and files
  • Deleting of audio and preset files
  • New preset-loading interface, with “clone” function for adding multiple preset instances
  • USB host mode for MIDI devices, including hub support, allowing multiple USB MIDI devices to be connected. Sends MIDI to hosted USB MIDI devices. Previously it would only receive
  • Ability to switch off automatic sample previewing
  • Expanded MIDI control of functions for pedal control of live looping
  • Default resolution for new songs is now 384th-notes and may be set even higher (up to 6144th-notes!) without consuming any additional CPU power
  • Note repeat 
  • Jitter (timing errors) when playing to an incoming MIDI or trigger clock has been drastically reduced, especially when CPU load is heavy
  • You can now mute and unmute rows of a kit while stutter is engaged
  • The colours which appear on the mute/launch pads can now be changed for active, muted, stopped, and soloing rows.