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OLED Replacement Procedure

We would have loved to make a kit that people could have done the retrofit themselves at home or worked with a trusted friend or local repair partner, but it is impossible sorry. This isn’t simply a matter of swapping a part with a little soldering. The Deluge was never designed for the screen to be replaced.

This modification requires specialist software and a hardware PIC programmer to update software on the microcontroller (and there are various differences between different chips we need to identify), requires modification of the metal chassis itself, we need to update the bootloader, we also use a custom jig for correct placement. The screen removal process is very delicate and the addition of the new screen even requires a new mini PCB board to be incorporated.

We understand there are many highly skilled users who have Deluges, many with lots of experience modifying and repairing synths. Unfortunately this is one of those times where you need to let someone else do it for you.

Once we have made the modification and placed a new screen, if for many reason in future you need to replace the OLED screen, that can be done at home by a reasonably skilled person, however, getting the Deluge to accept the OLED screen in the first place is not a DIY job.’

Read the info here to book in yours: https://synthstrom.com/product/oled-retrofit-deposit/