The following topics are covered below:

  • Battery and accessories
  • Shipping, payments and import charges
  • Feature development
  • Troubleshooting

Battery and accessories

Is the lithium ion battery replaceable?


Does the battery come installed?


If the battery one day stops holding a charge, how do I replace it?

Very simple. Just a phillips screwdriver needed. Instructional video here:

When the battery is exhausted, what do I need to buy?

The Deluge takes a single lithium ion 18650 battery. We ship with 3000mAh, though slightly higher capacities are available. You can buy these from many online stores including Amazon, or pick up at most electronics stores and vape shops (they are a standard vaping battery). We use Samsung, though any reputable brand should be fine. They can be flat top, or button top.

Do you ship the Deluge with an SD card?

Yes. The Deluge comes with a 32GB SD card already inserted. It is loaded with our stock samples and synth presets.

What size can I use? Does the speed of the card matter?

Any size at all. If you wish to use larger than 32GB you will need to reformat your card to FAT32. We recommend using reputable brands only and backing up your card regularly. The speed of the card isn’t very important – any modern SD card will have fast enough read and write speeds for the Deluge. Even a “class 4” card, which is around the slowest you will find these days, would in fact be fast enough to simultaneously record 30 channels of 24-bit, 44.1kHz audio in real-time!

SD card streaming speeds.

The speed of your card isn’t very important – any modern SD card will have fast enough read and write speeds for the Deluge. Even a “class 4” card, which is around the slowest you will find these days, would in fact be fast enough to simultaneously record 30 channels of 24-bit, 44.1kHz audio in real-time!

Do you have a case for the Deluge?

We sell a protective shell made by Decksaver. The Deluge will fit in any standard 14” laptop case which you can find at any good department store. We offer these laptop cases which have detachable shoulder straps and a mesh inside pocket.

Does the Deluge ship with a power supply?

No, we ship with a USB cable. You can power the Deluge via USB from a wall adaptor (recommended), powerbank, or computer.

If you would like to use the USB MIDI host functionality of the Deluge, you will need to power it from a 9V supply. If you still wish to continue to use the Deluge portably, you could opt for a USB to 9V cable and use with a powerbank, something like this one from Birdcord.

If I wish to use a power supply, what should I get?

You can use any standard 9-12V DC power adapter for guitar pedals – you can get these at any music shop or online store. You must make sure that the power supply is center-negative and is capable of delivering at least 500mA, it will need a 2.1mm plug on the end.

Center-negative, 2.1mm is the defacto standard for guitar pedals, so when purchasing from a music shop, specifying a “power supply for guitar pedals” will get you the right one.

Shipping, payments and import charges.

How much will shipping cost?

Add a Deluge to a cart and instigate the checkout process, once you select your country it will automatically show you the combined price including shipping.

How long does it take to receive a Deluge after ordering?

We keep our shipping estimates updated regularly, if delays are longer than 48 hours you will be notified in the product description before purchasing. If you order on a business day we aim to ship within 12-24 hours, our warehouse doesn’t operate in the weekends or public holidays and if we get a rush of orders, it is possible there might be slight delays.

Shipping in almost all cases takes around 3 business days to reach you, so you can expect to receive your Deluge between 4-7 days after placing your order.

Do you offer instalment options?

Sorry, we are not able to offer any payment plans.

Can I expect to pay any additional import charges?

For almost all countries, yes. We have priced the Deluge so competitively because we know that there will be an added import cost. At this stage only USA and Australia avoid taxes, even units we sell locally in NZ incur a tax fee. These charges vary by country, but you’re generally looking at between $70-140 USD in additional charges. These are billed to you by DHL who will contact you after we have shipped. It is a very simple process, they will give you a link so you can pay online, or often they’ll give you the option to pay by cash on delivery.

Do any retailers sell the Deluge?

Currently, no. The Deluge is only available buying direct through us, other than in Russia (below). This means we are able to keep the price very reasonable avoiding retail and wholesale margins for the meantime.

Do you ship to Russia?

Due to Russian importing laws, we’ve previously only been able to ship to businesses in Russia, but have since teamed up with MusicMag in Russia!
Our Russian customers can purchase from a local retailer here.

Do you ship to South Korea?

Yes, however, in accordance with Customs regulation issued by the Korean Customs Service (effective July 1, 2018) all orders being shipped to Korea must include a Personal customs Clearance Code (PCCC) or 8 digit birth date using format YYYYMMDD. When placing your order please ensure that you provide this information in the shipment section. 

I’ve received my tracking details but my order currently says ‘on hold- needing paperwork’, what do I need to do?

Nothing. That is standard and the first phase of shipping. Ignore it and it will update on its own.

I’ve received tracking details and the shipping estimate says delivery is expected in 7-10 days time. I thought delivery was meant to be 3-4 business days?

Again, ignore this, this expected time will rapidly decrease.

Feature development

I really like the Deluge, but it doesn’t do this one thing I need. Do you have plans to add that?

Unfortunately we do not share our development plans. We don’t like the idea of people buying one if it’s not what they want right now. We do have lots of ideas for additional features and refining current workflow, but you should only ever buy one if it already does everything you need right now.

Will updates always be free?

Software updates with new features, yes. Sometimes it is possible that a software update might have “hidden” costs, such as needing to buy an overlay to fully maximise the experience, but the actual software itself will always be free of charge to existing users.


How do you do this one thing…?

For any questions, basic to advanced, ask in the help section of our forums and one of our mentors will get back to you within 24 hours. If they can’t help, they will escalate to us.

I’ve got a hardware problem. My Deluge doesn’t seem to be behaving as expected, what do I do?

Fill in this form

My Deluge doesn’t sit flat on the table and has a little wobble.

Don’t worry, just drop us an email (contact form) and we can help you sort this, will only take a minute and you don’t need any parts or skills 🙂

My gold “parameter” encoders feel looser than the gold volume knob, and different to the black knobs.

Don’t worry, this is by design. The volume knob uses a potentiometer and will feel very different to all the other knobs, much smoother to turn and firmer. The two gold parameter knobs will also feel a little different to the three black knobs (“looser”, a bit more “wobble”). These are performance knobs and are lubed for easy and swift movement. This will settle in over time, but they’ll always have a bit more lateral movement than the other knobs.
It is also very likely that the two parameter knobs may even feel different from each other, again, this is normal. If you have concerns, email us or fill in this form

My Deluge is freezing! Help!

Most likely you have a power supply issue. Are you powering your Deluge from a hub or laptop? Ideally you want to have the Deluge running from a dedicated power source. Plug your supplied USB cable into a wall adaptor and run direct into a wall outlet, extension cable or into a powerstrip (that isn’t overloaded). Alternatively, get yourself a dedicated power supply, the specs of which we share above. If your Deluge is still playing up, make sure your battery is ‘seated’ properly and the tongs are gripping it tightly – watch this video. If you’re still having problems, clone your SD card and try a new one and make sure you’re running the latest firmware. Still having issues? get ahold of us: Fill in this form

How do you use this particular feature? I’ve read the manual but can’t work it out.

Are you using the latest firmware? Download from the downloads section of the ‘Deluge’ page on the website if not and try again. If you still can’t work it out, ask in the help section of our forums or one of the Facebook pages. If still nobody can help, drop us a line:

Is the Deluge covered by a warranty?

Yes, here.

The website isn’t working properly.

Please let us know what the problem is,