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Synthstrom Audible US Tour 2018

United States of America

We’re bringing some Deluges to the US for you to play with and see a bunch of features currently in development, take a look at one upcoming feature here:

 We’ll have more details up here soon.
Aug 24th, Los Angeles, CA (Coaxial Arts), 8pm – Demo/Workshop and live performances.
Free entry

8pm – Demo/Workshop
9:30 – Live Deluge performances from from Jesus HTML Christ, Miller Tinkerhess, Double Fantasy, Neil Newton, VJ Franz K, Eli Cohen, Nate Jones and more.
11pm – Deluge SD party (any user can pop their SD card in and play) / jam / hangout
Aug 25th, Bishop, CA (Mountain Rambler Brewery), 8pm – Live performance by Ian Jorgensen only. Show details HERE
Free entry
Aug 26th, San Fran, CA (Noisebridge), 7pm – Demo/Workshop
Aug 27th – Arcata, CA (The Miniplex), 8pm – Live performance by Ian Jorgensen only. Show details HERE
$7 entry
Aug 28th – Portland, OR (Valentines),6.30pm – Demo/Workshop
Free entry
Aug 29th – Seattle, WA (Chop Suey), 6pm – Demo/Workshop and some short live performances.
Free entry
Sept 5th – Brooklyn, NY (Private Studio) – Demo/Workshop
RSVP essential: HERE
(6:30pm session is filled up, there is still room in the 8:15pm session)
Free entry
Sept 7th – Northeast Electro Music Festival, Homer, NY – Demo, Workshop and live performance
Sept 8th and 9th – KnobCon – Chicago, IL – Tradeshow and live performance
Come along! Check back here soon for further details, or follow the updates on the Facebook tour event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1115005965323648/