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Synthstrom Audible Summer Tour

Ian Jorgensen from Synthstrom Audible is spending this summer traveling around Europe giving presentations, demo’s, workshops and throwing parties. Come along and hang out!

Click on the cities below for details, each city also has a Facebook event associated with it too.

Melbourne (Facebook Event)
Sydney (Facebook Event),
Zurich (Facebook Event),
Frankfurt (Facebook Event),
Berlin (Facebook Event),
Hamburg (Facebook Event),
Haarlem (Facebook Event),
Eindhoven (Facebook Event),
Cologne (Facebook Event),
Bristol (Facebook Event),
London (Facebook Event),
Paris (Facebook Event),
Athens (Facebook Event),
Meteora (Details coming soon)

If you’d like to get in-touch with us regarding the tour, please email: ian@synthstrom.com

“Does it do this?…yes it does, and this, and this, and this as well…it’s mental!”
Nick Batt – Sonicstate.com

Deluge by Synthstrom Audible is a truly portable, all-in-one, music composition and live performance tool. With a powerful sequencer, built-in subtractive and FM synth engines and feature-rich sampler and deep connectivity, it’s everything you need.

“The Synthstrom Deluge is a goddamn miracle. I cannot believe how much thought has been put into this device.”
Jeremy Blake – Red Means Recording

Designed and lovingly manufactured in New Zealand, Deluge has been embraced by critically acclaimed artists like Lindstrom through to being the first musical tool for beginning musicians, finding a home with a multitude of artists across the musical spectrum.

“I’ve seen a lot of new musical instruments and interfaces over the past few years. This one is something really incredibly special.”
Andrew Dubber, Director – Music Tech Fest.