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Outside of above regions: Original owner

We will be servicing all Deluges outside of the other listed regions at our HQ in New Zealand. 

When it is your time for your Deluge to come home we will contact you with instructions on how to package and find out when suits you for DHL to collect. You can choose to add on any additional services and we’ll give you a final bill* including shipping. 

Shipping costs will depend on where it’s coming from, we will give costing before you need to pay balance (you can get deposit refunded if you change your mind),  Once paid, DHL will collect and going to plan, you’ll have your Deluge back two weeks later with a new screen, please allow three weeks.

If you paid import costs when you initially received the Deluge and you still have that paperwork, you’ll need it for customs again (the country we are shipping back to must be the same you initially imported into), you’ll get charged customs and processing fees on the cost of the servicing, so perhaps another $20-30USD. This is in addition to the shipping costs. 

*If you want to include any merch items or Deluge accessories (printed manual, case, tshirts, socks, stickers etc) you can add these at this time.