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Deluge sales on hold till Sept 9, 2022

We’re taking a three week break from selling Deluges!

Every Deluge is hand assembled in New Zealand and our team have been frantic all year.

We’ve got our first tradeshows since the Pandemic begun coming up soon, the first of which we’ll be showing off new features which our beta testers haven’t even seen yet!

We want to make sure we’ve got enough stock on the shelves and so are taking a break from sales for just a few weeks.

Sales will commence again Sept 9th, 2022.

If you want us to send you an email once sales start back up, enter your email here.

Come and see our booth at Knobcon in Chicago on Sept 9-11 and SynthPlex in LA, Oct 27-30.

We’ll also share a video on Sept 9th of the new features for those who can’t make it to Knobcon.