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Synthstrom TV

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Synthstrom TV is a 24/7 streaming channel playing a curated selection of Deluge performances from our users, 24/7 live chat, plus occasional special programming. For our current month’s schedule, check below the livestream.

Choose ‘Watch on YouTube’ or click the YouTube logo to take part in the live chat.
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If video below is not working, go to: synthstrom.tv

We’ll be adding more regular shows and special events as we go.

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To suggest your video for inclusion on our playlist, submit here.

Pitch your own special/show?

If you have an idea for a 30-minute or 1-hr special show, you’re welcome to pitch it at us!

Maybe you’re wanting to make:

  • a workflow video
  • premiere a multi-camera pre-recorded live performance
  • album launch event – premiering your new album in full
  • interviews with other Deluge users
  • high-concept Deluge electro-opera
  • showcase of a third-party software build
  • premiere of blog video, review, workflow tutorial, mod/hack video…

Email ian@synthstrom.com with your idea – if you have some examples of previous work and can deliver something of a high production standard, small amounts of funding are available to go towards those costs in some cases.

Discuss this on our forums

What sort of content would you like to see?

What would you like to see on Synthstrom TV?

  • Against the Clock type challenges?
  • Workflow/tutorial videos?
  • User interviews/profiles?
  • Not Deluge specific, but music industry related stuff – ie: videos on releasing music, touring, self-management, etc…
  • Not Deluge specific, but music production related stuff, ie: subtractive synthesis, mixing, mastering, etc…
  • Third party Deluge related projects?
  • Quick Deluge hacks/tips?
  • Challenges and competitions – ie: we give out a set of samples presets and then users submit songs/videos, people watching vote on favourite.
  • Live streamed performances?
  • “New Release” show (ie: premiering new Deluge performance videos from a certain period)

Any of these ideas sound interesting?
Have you other ideas?
Would you want to put your hand up to make stuff like this? (some limited funding is available)

Discuss on our forums or email ian@synthstrom.com if you want to make something.