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SYNTHSTROM TV – The Deluge Dozen

We’ve got a few shows in the works. If you’d like to take part in the Deluge Dozen, find out how below.

Step 1. Set up a camera that can film your Deluge and a timer.
(Deluge only – no other gear allowed except for external controllers to input notes or modify parameters, or a final audio processing step – ie: a compressor, effects pedal or mastering in a DAW etc.)

Step 2. Start filming with timer counting down from 12 minutes. Start making a song from scratch.
We need to be able to see and hear in real time what is happening.

Step 3. When the timer ends. You can jam on whatever you’ve created for a further 3 minutes.

Step 4. Upload your final 15 minute video with audio to YouTube as “unlisted” and send the link to: ian@synthstrom.com by 6pm (US ET) May 10, 2021.

Any Deluge Dozen performance we select to air on Synthstrom TV we’ll make a payment of $25USD for. The creators of those selected will then get to vote for their favourite (except for their own), the performance with the most votes will receive a further $75USD.

You can ask questions or chat with the community about it on our forums here.