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Position available – soldering technician at Synthstrom Audible.

Synthstrom Audible, maker of the Deluge synthesizer, sequencer, sampler and looper, is seeking a new soldering technician for fulltime work beginning January 2021.

You’ll be joining the staff at our small factory based in Te Aro, Poneke. Daily duties will centre around product assembly / manufacture, but as we’re a small team, there’s reasonable variation in tasks from day to day.

You’ll need to have exceptional skill at soldering tiny components, and a solid understanding of theoretical electronics. An interest in music and synthesis would be a welcome addition too.

To apply for this position, please email ian@synthstrom.com by Dec 11th. Ideally send a CV, and if you have any photos of something you’ve built, particularly involving tiny solder-work, we’d love to see that too. 

Required soldering experience, approx level:

  • SMD hand-soldering and rework, with soldering iron and hot air
  • Solder paste and stencils
  • Passive components down to 0402 size
  • QFN / QFP packages down to 0.4mm pitch
  • Large BGA ICs down to 0.8mm or smaller
  • A solid understanding of circuits involving resistors, capacitors, opamps, transistors, voltage regulators, and ideally digital data buses
  • Experience troubleshooting boards by reading schematics, checking signal flow and voltages, etc.

If asked to meet with us for an interview, you’ll be required to demonstrate your abilities in person with some soldering tasks. 

The advertised position is for 40 hours per week – you’ll have some flexibility to vary your hours. We’re looking for someone who plans to be around for at least a year – and hopefully a lot longer.

We hope to hear from you soon!

The Synthstrom Audible team.