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New manual / producer guide out today.

Today we are super excited to announce the arrival of our new manual / producers guide. A collaboration with SynthDawg (http://www.synthdawg.com). This new step-by-step guide to the Deluge features an abundance of helpful diagrams, graphics and workflow ideas.

This fantastic guide is available right now as a free PDF download for all users.

If you would like to order a print version of this glorious 284 page, full colour book, you can do so now from our website for $22 USD + shipping. (Shipped from Dec 13th)

From 11th December we will no longer be shipping a printed manual with the Deluge for free, instead we will be supplying a PDF on the SD card and customers can choose to purchase the print edition if they wish.

From now until the 11th Dec we will be shipping a draft/slightly lower quality print edition of the new manual/producers guide for free with purchased Deluges.

Thank you wholeheartedly to Neil (Synthdawg) for his incredible work on this manual, it’s beautiful.

To download: https://synthstrom.com/product/deluge/#downloads
To purchase: https://synthstrom.com/product/deluge-manual/