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Deluge firmware V3.1.5 released

Today we’ve released our latest minor bugfix update, V3.1.5, which we’d recommend you update to.http://forums.synthstrom.com/…/deluge-firmware-v3-1-5…/The update contains a number of fixes which should help to make your Deluge experience a little smoother:

  • Various misc stability fixes for improved reliability
  • Fixed inconsistency with parameter automation data after clip shortened, or after time deleted in arranger
  • Fixed rare crash after turning an audio clip into an instrument clip
  • Fixed rare crash scenario when an audio clip is instant-started then instant-stopped very very quickly afterwards
  • The user is now forbidden from deleting audio files (in the file browser) that are used in the current song – an action which previously could have caused strange behaviour
  • Fixed a problem with the launching of a clip of an irregular length. It is supposed to launch in-sync with any previously-playing clip of the same length, or a multiple or factor thereof
  • When outputting a RUN signal (from gate output 3), restarting playback by pressing <>+play now pulses the RUN signal down 0, to signal connected equipment to restart playback
  • Fixed glitches when sync scaling first enabled

Big thanks to our beta testers, who as usual have done a great job of ensuring this new release is good-to-go – and reporting many of the problems initially.