Thank you for your interest in getting your Deluge retrofitted with our new OLED screen. This is a deposit to lock in your spot in our queue. 

We have been doing these retrofits since November 2022 but the interest has been massive and the delay may still be quite a while depending on where you live. 

Make note of the ETA for having your OLED done below. We’ll be in touch when the time comes, or if any unforeseen delays occur we’ll advise also.

When we get in touch with the next steps you’ll be asked to pay the remainder of the fee plus shipping costs. These are estimated by country below. 

Please don’t purchase anything else in this transaction, you’ll be offered the opportunity later to add things and it makes admin really difficult. Please just pay the deposit only.


| EUROPEAN CUSTOMS UNION | (Including Norway and Switzerland*)

Pay Deposit after Nov 1, 2023: Queue is roughly 3-4 weeks

Remaining costs (after deposit):
Shipping: $20-60USD (depending on country)
Balance of Retrofit cost: $149USD
*Norway and Switzerland will have additional import fees of approximately $50USD

Pay Deposit after Nov 1, 2023 – queue is roughly 2-3 weeks

Remaining costs:
Shipping: $51.60 USD
Balance of Retrofit cost: $99USD

| USA |
Pay Deposit after Nov, 2023: queue is generally 3-4 weeks

Remaining costs:
Shipping: $83.60USD
Balance of Retrofit cost: $99USD

| UK |
Pay Deposit after Nov, 2023: queue is generally 2-3 weeks

Remaining costs:
Shipping: $20.50
Balance of Retrofit cost: $149USD (for orders after Feb 1)

Pay Deposit after Nov 1, 2023: queue is generally 3-4 weeks

Remaining costs:
Shipping: $20-40USD (depending on region)
Balance of Retrofit cost: $149USD


Pay Deposit after Nov 1, 2023: queue is generally 2-3 weeks

Remaining costs:
Shipping: $0-20 USD (depending which region you live)
Balance of Retrofit cost: $99USD

| REST OF WORLD | (Original owner*)
Pay Deposit after Nov 1, 2023: queue is generally 3-4 weeks

Remaining costs:
Shipping: $83.60USD
Balance of Retrofit cost: $99USD
*You will need to have a copy of your original import bill or bank statement showing you have already paid import taxes for us to help you avoid paying import taxes on the Deluge again.

| REST OF WORLD | (Second-hand owner*)
Pay Deposit after Nov 1, 2023: queue is generally 1-2 months

Remaining costs:
Shipping: $83.60USD
Balance of Retrofit cost: $99USD
Additional import costs: ? (Read Below)
*Without proof that you have already paid import costs into the country for your Deluge, it is likely you might be charged full import costs on the full price of a Deluge. We will do all we can to help with this, but cannot promise anything. 


I have made my deposit. When will my Deluge get a new OLED screen fitted?

You will be contacted when it is your time in the queue. At that time you will be given opportunity to order additional maintenance work or to order any merch, etc… along with everything else you need to know!

Though we are unable to tell you where you are in the queue, we are advising below how long the queues are for each region, so you have a rough idea of the longest it could be. Please do not email us asking for more detail, you’ll receive an email from us with all the information you need to know, when it’s your time. 

If you want to ensure our email to you doesn’t go to your spam folder, please ‘whitelist’: retrofits@synthstrom.com and ian@synthstrom.com

I haven’t received an order confirmation from you. Do you have my deposit?

Yes. If you have a receipt from PayPal or Stripe, Wise or any other confirmation, we have your order. The autoresponder emails from our store get blocked by many servers so often don’t make it through, but don’t worry, if your transaction went through, we have your order. Please don’t email us checking on this. If you have record of your payment being made, so do we.

I’m from such and such country, how does this work for me?

Please check the bottom of this page for information specific to your region. If a little bewildered, just place a deposit and we’ll get in touch with details when its your turn. Just be patient.

I’m trying to login into the website to place my order or check order details but it’s not working?

Logging into the website is for admin only. You don’t need to do so to place your deposit.

I’ve changed my mind and just want a refund

You can cancel your deposit at any time for a full refund if you no longer wish to proceed. Just email ian@synthstrom.com with the name you purchased under. If you want to use it as a deposit towards a new Deluge with an OLED, you can request that also.

Why has the cost increased for Canada, UK and European Union retrofits?

These are the territories where we have outsourced the work to others. We greatly under-estimated the difficulty and time the retrofit would take, and also the administration involved and the cost is more than we anticipated. We are keeping to our commitment to Round 1 & 2 deposit holders, but need to increase the price for those from Feb 1 onwards. Please bear in mind, that by paying a little more to have your Deluge done locally, you are avoiding import costs and increased shipping costs.  Though you indeed pay more for the retrofit itself, because of your saved costs elsewhere you still end up paying basically the same as everyone else in the world.

But, what about?

Please don’t email us 🙂 This is a gigantic administrative task making this work and we can’t make special allowances or deviate from our plan as it will cause serious hiccups. Unless you have some wild burning question that is killing you inside, please just wait until we contact you. Even if you have some wild circumstances, we can work everything out once we’ve been in touch.

This retrofit must be done by our team or accredited agents. If interested, you can read why. We cannot send you a kit to have it done yourself.

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