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ROUND 1 is closed.

ROUND 2 opens October 10th (will show as ‘out of stock’ until then)

The cost of the retrofit is $149USD + shipping. This $50 is a deposit to lock in your spot.

Before placing your order, please read everything on this page and check details for your country/region at the bottom to make sure you’re happy with that process. This is a deposit only. You’ll be given bill for final balance before we commence. Details below.

We’re excited to be able to offer Deluge owners the option of having their Deluges modified to fit our new OLED screen!

This retrofit must be done by our team or accredited agents. If interested, you can read why.

We will be offering this retrofit service for the foreseeable future, but we only have capacity to do a limited number per region per week, so are going to be doing the retrofits in ’rounds’.

Deposits for Round 1 are open now and run until Sept 23rd (6pm EDT). Don’t panic. There is a week to make payment to make Round 1. If you have multiple Deluges, just pay 1 deposit.

There is no urgency to place your order, how soon you place before that cutoff won’t get your OLED done any faster.

All those in Round 1 will have a random number assigned and we’ll contact you when your place in the queue comes around. Round 1 of retrofits will begin from late October.

When orders for Round 2 open on Oct 10th, we will, at the same time give our expected turnaround time in total for those in Round 1 and also the rough timeline of when we expect Round 2 retrofits to take place..

There will be no preference given to serial number or age of device, or when you pay your deposit within the time the round is open. Order is assigned purely at random.

Sorry for the vagueness of timelines, we have no idea of how popular this will be, and are doing all we can to scale to meet demand. On Oct 10th we’ll publish information about how long the queues are for each region.

You can cancel your deposit at any time for a full refund if you no longer wish to proceed.

Please choose where you live below for information specific to that region:

The full cost of the retrofit is $149USD + shipping. You will be offered the chance to get other upgrades like new encoders/pads etc when we contact you for the next step, you can pay balance and for any other upgrades then.

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