Deluge 3.0 Shortcuts Overlay



PLEASE NOTE: When ordering a new Deluge, you are unlikely to need an overlay – see below.

A thin magnetic overlay which features the Deluge’s 3.0 shortcut system.

We are down to our last stock of these, QWERY (white on black) or QWERTZ (black on white). The QWERTZ layout also includes 3 additional umlauted vowels (äöü).

All new Deluges purchased since February 2019 already have the 3.0 shortcuts and QWERTY alphabet already printed directly on the top panel. You will only need one of these overlays if you have an older Deluge, or want to opt for a QWERTZ or white on black overlay.

*If you would rather replace the entire top panel than have an overlay, you can purchase a replacement top panel, here:

Overlay shipments are not tracked unless accompanying a Deluge. If you are purchasing separately and wish to pay additional for tracked shipping, please get in touch first. 

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