USB 1.8m Cable


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This is the cable we supply for powering/charging the Deluge, it can also be used to send MIDI over USB. If you lose yours or would like a backup, please buy one of these. Not all USB cables are equal and this cable is tested and works well with the Deluge.

* Remember, if you wish to use your Deluge as a USB host (with the forthcoming 3.0 firmware update) you will need to be supplying power to the Deluge with a 9V DC power supply to do so, not USB.

If you wish to remain portable you could employ a USB to 9V convertor cable, such as this one from Birdcord, that you’ll be able to run from a power bank. 
If you can run from a mains supply, any reliable brand from any reputable retailer will be fine, just make sure the power supply is centre-negative with a 2.1mm plug.

We don’t sell DC power supplies ourselves as the cost of international shipping is not worth it, plus you’ll need one with your own countries plug – and they are readily available from any electronics, music or department store.

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