Official Manual (Numeric ‘old’ display)


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This is the official Deluge manual/producer guide, made in collaboration with Synthdawg.

A5 size, full colour, 312 pages.
Up to date as of firmware version 4.0.0

Note: This manual is for the older NUMERIC display Deluge. For the OLED edition, we won’t have those available until September 19th in printed form, though you can download it now.

You can download a PDF for free. Make sure you return to download the new edition after each firmware update.

If ordering with a Deluge, it will be shipped with the Deluge and you’ll receive at same time.

If not ordering along with a Deluge, so express shipping makes more value sense, please consider purchasing along with other like a Decksaver,  a tshirt or spare parts. Check the ‘merch’ and ‘accessories’ sections.

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