Thanks for ordering a Deluge and choosing ‘Bank Transfer’ as your payment method.

Step 1.

Copy your total owing in USD from the bottom of your order in the email. Enter this into the USD field at this link:

Step 2.

Copy the resulting CAD figure from that conversion and make payment in that amount to local CAD account:

Account holder: Synthstrom Audible Limited
Institution Number: 621
Transit Number: 16001
Account number: 200110090191
Address: TransferWise Canada Inc. 99 Bank Street, Suite 1420 Ottawa ON K1P 1H4 Canada

You must pay using EFT credits (also known as direct deposits). You won’t be able to pay using Interac, domestic wire, or SWIFT transfers. If you do send any of these payment types to our account, they will be automatically returned with 15 CAD less to cover return processing fees.

Most Canadians making personal transfers in Canada use Interac, so may not be familiar with sending EFT credits. You may need to reach out to your bank for help. EFT credits are common for Canadian businesses making payments within Canada.

Use your order number as the reference (should be a 5 digit number)


Payment will usually take around 2 days, when we receive payment, you’ll get an email from us saying your order is “processing”. Once we’ve packed it up ready for the courier you’ll receive another email saying “order complete”

If this is an annoyance and you’d rather simply pay the credit card processing fee, you can place a new order and I’ll cancel this one. If you have any questions, email: