Synthstrom Audible have set-up up a foundation with the goal of encouraging and fostering inclusion and diversity within the local music community.

Through the form of cash grants, Deluges and supply of professional audio equipment, we are looking to support groups hosting innovative and inclusive events and progressive music programmes in schools:

Encouraging inclusivity in music

At Synthstrom Audible, inclusivity and diversity are deeply important to us. We value a music community and industry where people of all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions and more are represented and respected. The Synthstrom Foundation aims to encourage, support and mentor those who are putting on shows and other community events who are likewise committed to inclusivity.

If you’re putting on a project or event which you feel could benefit from a grant, mentorship or professional audio equipment and are committed to pursuing and encouraging diversity and equality, get in touch and tell us about your event, what you’re trying to achieve and how we could help you.



Fostering modern electronic music education in secondary schools

Very important to us is ensuring that young people have access to the tools and technology to create music that is relevant to them and their community. We know how stretched budgets can get, so for energised music teachers out there who are eager to introduce their student to synthesis, we would like to help.

If you teach a music program at secondary school (currently Aotearoa New Zealand only), please get in touch: just tell us a little bit about why you think your students would benefit from having a Deluge in the classroom and we’ll see what we can do about it.